When the unexpected happens, how do you communicate? 

We simplify exceptional communication during exceptional times.

If something unexpected were to happen today, how would you communicate it to your people?

Call or Text them?

But what if you don't have their personal phone number or maybe the one you have is out of date?

Send an e-Mail?

Great if they are in work, but what if they are at home or travelling? Maybe you don't have a personal address?

Use Social Media?

But what if they aren't following your posts or you aren't comfortable putting the information in a public forum?

Post on your Website?

That could work, but only if people know to regularly check it! In reality, will they really check it?

Contacting all of our staff during storm Ophelia was a nightmare...

Introducing BlinkRay

With BlinkRay, all of your people get the same message delivered to them instantly. 

Best of all, BlinkRay doesn't need phone numbers, mobile numbers, e-mail addresses or postal address to work!

...so you don't have to collect these details from your people, or worry about keeping them up-to-date!

How does BlinkRay work?

When the unexpected happens, BlinkRay cards automatically notify your people right on their smart-phones...

Visible Alerts

For important messages, user is notified that something has happened on their phones lock screen

Configurable Status

You choose the different status levels that make sence for your people and your organisation.

Dashboard & Analytics

You can watch in real-time to see who has got the message and who has not.

Call To Action

You control the message that people see. You tell them what action you recommend that they take.

Contact Information

Emergency contact information easily at hand in case your people need to get in touch.

Useful Resources

Clicking the 'information' icon flicks to the back of the card where there can be lots of additional information and helpful resources.

Tell me more about BlinkRay

BlinkRay has been specifically designed to simplify the entire process of bulk communication during exceptional circumstances. From making sure that you are prepared to communicate to ensuring that everyone has got the message, BlinkRay has you covered...

Easy Setup

Sign-up in minutes and configure BlinkRay for your communication needs. Setup logo's and your brand colours to personalise what your people will see when exceptional communications are needed

Flexible Deployment

Getting the digital cards into your people's wallets is easy as we have many different approaches that you can choose from. Placing download links on your intranet, internal e-mail's and scannable barcodes give you lots of options to ensure you reach everyone.

Dynamic Messaging

Your communication doesn't have to be about 'bad' things, it can be about anything you want. When things are 'a-ok', tell people that too! You have the flexability to choose your own status levels and to include additional important information such as DR site locations, manager contact information and anything else that you need too.

Groups & Tagging

When you do need to tell your people about something exceptional, maybe you dont need to tell everyone the same thing. With BlinkRay, you can create groups of people and setup your own tags to apply to people so that you can send the right message to the right people all the time.

Delivery Reports

When you do send a message, you need to know who your message reached. More importantly, who it didn't reach. BlinkRay keeps track on message delivery in real-time and lets you know who got the message and who didn't. BlinkRay even supports fail-back work-flows to ensure that you message gets delivered.

Alternative Flows

BlinkRay keeps track of who has got the message and who has not. For those that have not got the message, BlinkRay helps you to manage contacting them through various other automated and manual workflows, thereby centrally managing the end-to-end process.

Sign-up for BlinkRay

BlinkRay has several different pricing models. Please carefully review what comes with each package below and choose the one that is right for you. Don't worry, you can always upgrade to a higher package at a later date.

  Ideal for clubs, societies, groups and small businesses. Best for medium businesses or larger clubs or groups. Fully customised solution to meet the needs of large organisations.
BlinkRay card allocation 50 499 Custom
Card updates per month 1 4 Custom
Custom Branding
Administration Web Console
Seed distribution channels e-Mail, Manual e-Mail, SMS, Web Custom
Recipient Management On-line On-line & Bulk On-line, Bulk & API
Custom Card Status
Customisable Content Standard Templates Fully Customisable Fully Customisable
Custom Notification Groups
Distribution & delivery insights
GDPR compliant consent management
Support Knowledgebase e-Mail Priority e-Mail & phone
Solution Consultation

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